We want to change the world of gaming.

We reduce the distance between simulation and reality, making it accessible for everyone.

We Present Ayrton F1

Each detail is engineered for maximize performances.
Shapes, Materials, and Tactile feedback for an incredibile driving feeling.

Awesome Display with Led Meter

4.3 Inch & 16 Led

A 4,3” brilliant customizable display with every information you need during intense driving session.
16 Led Meter for follow the engine revolutions and the allert in live.
STS dashboard GT and F1 version pre-installed and switchable onboard.

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17 Buttons

Buttons with tactile feedback. You don’t miss any pressing.

3 Front Rotary

Front Rotary encoder with push button incorporated for controlling every parameter you need.

2 Thumb Rotary

Thumb rotary encoder with push button incorporated for controlling parameter like Brake Balance or differential without taking your hands off the wheel and maximize your driving experience.

2+2 Paddles

With Shifter Magnetic system you have the possibility to insert the gears faster and reduce your lap times.
The Double Magnetic Clutch system allows you to have an accurate clutch release and burning starts.
All paddles made in carbon fiber.

The Ultra Light Formula Wheel

Innovation on your wrist.

Only 925 grams of weight. Ayrton F1 is one of the lightest steering wheel in its class. This allows you to have quick and precise movements, greater sensitivity and accuracy of force feedback response.

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This Is One Amazing Formula Wheel

A racing F1 layout with everthing you need:
tactile buttons, rotary encoders, magnetic shifter paddles, adjustable magnetic clutch paddles for the ultimate control.

Push Hard! You will love it.

No more race limits.

Connect it to Any Wheel Base

Connected with Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, Simucube and other with our adapters.

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A Fantastic Ultra-Compact Design

Inspired by real Formula 1

At just 28mm in diameter, the Ayrton F1 has one of the most compact design in its class. The right mix of improved Force Feedback, fast driving reaction and a confortable handle.

Made in Italy with Love

Designed, CNC machined & assembled in province of Venice.

Quick release for Ayrton F1

With our exclusive adapters you can connect Ayrton F1 to all the bases on the market.

Ayrton/Thrustmaster to Logitech Adapter

€ 37

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Ayrton/Thrustmaster to Universal Adapter

€ 47

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